12 Ways to butcher your sales effectivenessEveryone is prepared to tell you how to be a better sales person, how to be more effective and how to increase your sales capabilities. You can and should consider all these tremendous ideas, strategies and tactics. But what if you are not being told what is inhibiting your ability to improve, refine and develop your sales effectiveness? How do you know where to improve if you don’t know what you are missing out on or what you doing wrong?

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Mistakes people make when buying insurance

Life insurance provides the capital at death for things like mortgage redemption, capital funds for education, lifestyle requirements for the family and income for the survivor. Employer won’t provide these things. The government’s contribution through pensions is being critically looked at. Superannuation funds generally only provide a small percentage compared to the real sums needed. Like all essential purchases there are some hard decisions to make that families need to consider.

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“Closing the deal with Class”. The confirmation close.

To complete any deal, to deliver an outcome or proceed you need to be able to employ a variety of methods to get pen to paper, money paid, a credit card number obtained or a memorandum of understanding to complete the transaction. That simply is about closing the sale. The confirmation close is a simple and easy to use technique.

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Shartru: A new AFSL that looks after its advisers.

Shartru Wealth

Discover why the Shartru AFSL can make a difference to your business and to your bottom line too. Talk to Rob Coyte the CEO of Shartru today about your future and how he can help you face the challenges of the new world of financial advice.

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Why more Financial Planning firms are also becoming Accountants

Practice Exchange

In response to an increasingly competitive marketplace many financial planning firms are bundling an accounting service to make it easier to attract and retain clients.

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New service. Vacancies, Services and Opportunities

Knowledgemaster introduces a new and valuable service for our 16,000+ community. We can reach out to connect you to people looking for a wide range of services, vacancies and opportunities such as: Paraplanners wanted, AFSL’s wanted, Guns for hire, Prospecting services, Positions wanted, Advisers wanted and Support services.

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Want to deliver your message to 17,000+ people?
Discover how to mobilise our data base to your advantage.

Call now to discuss how we can help you with: Branding, Recruitment, Business/data base acquisitions, Positions vacant, Business sales and/or direct promotions.

Broadcast your messages to a nationwide audience. Knowledgemaster International (KMI) has a community of over 17,000, plus 3,400+ live LinkedIn connections. Across the street or across the nation, let KMI connect you to our community to tell your story today.

Call Jim Prigg today on
0408 520 453 or jim@knowledgemaster.com.au


AFSL’s wanted

We have a number of clients looking to acquire AFSL’s. If you have a dormant one or would like to talk to someone about capitalising your AFSL, please give Jim Prigg a call on 0408 520 453 or contact me on jim@knowledgemaster.com.au.


Excellent Adviser Enrichment Tool. The Marketing Kick Start Report.

The simple and easy to use guide to marketing and new business acquisition. Disregard the noise from the RC. Invest in yourself. Start the New Year with a bang. Take possession of this tremendous plan to help improve your marketing. This practical guide will help you build a simple and easy to use marketing and business acquisition system. No fluff.

Specifically built for the “sale of advice” profession it covers these critically important aspects of your marketing such as:

» Why conduct a marketing audit?
» Understanding the big picture
» Where is your business sourced from?
» What types of marketing devices are you using?
» Strategies for business acquisition
» What’s working: What’s not?
» Your Marketing Plan.

This amazing resource is normally only available to our consultative clients at $99. We have updated and improved this classic business booster. The price has been reduced to only $69.50 for January. Not satisfied with the content? We guarantee a full money back offer and you get to keep the content.

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Thinking of retiring? Let us put you in contact with this willing buyer.

A well established financial planning business with their own AFSL is looking for business acquisitions and books of business. They require risk, superannuation and investment funds under management for financial planning nationally. Finance approved.

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Property Mavens report and newsletter

Property Mavens

After the rollercoaster that was 2018, we’re all hoping for a more stable property market in 2019. Only time will tell if this will come to fruition, and how the market will play out will most likely become apparent after the Federal Election, expected in May. This will provide greater certainty for buyers and clarity on the policies to be implemented – depending on which party is elected – and how they will impact the market.

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New: Sunraysia and Melbourne client base

An adviser who has been in the industry for 18 years plans to retire due to a family health situation. The business is mainly risk and personal super. Insurance premium income is about $50K pa. FUM $14M. Gross income for 2017/18, $140K. 1,500 names in the register. 50% of the clients are in the Sunraysia area, 45% are located in Melbourne. »  Read more


National risk data base for sale

An adviser who has been in the industry for 18 years has a risk data base for sale. The main insurance product providers are: TAL, AIA, Zurich, MLC and Asteron. The products are all life based including Life, TPD and Income protection. Income is made up of insurance renewal commissions of approx. $240,000. There are 570 names in the national register.

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Small risk book.
SA based. $28K p.a. income.
Quick sale needed.

Mature book looking for a new owner to take care of it. For more information call Jim Prigg on 0408 520 453 or jim@knowledgemaster.com.au.

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Urgent. Businesses wanted NOW.

Cashed up buyers are ready to make YOU an offer NOW for your business

Wanted Businesses

  • Is this your management succession plan? Talk with a modern, insurance oriented practice that is looking to acquire risk books in NSW. Read more
  • A well established Brisbane financial planning business located close to the city and looking to expand is seeking business acquisitions or books of business that cover risk, investment, super and SMSF. Read more
  • Melbourne based adviser looking to acquire small data bases of heritage, dormant C&D class clients and Mysuper products. Cashed up buyer. Can absorb up to $300K investment quickly. Phone Jim Prigg for more details on 0408 520453.


Interstate data bases wanted to buy, sell or swap.

Ever thought you would like to clean up your interstate client list and get a reasonable swap for those clients you don’t get to see? A leading advisory group is most interested to look at the opportunity of client data base swaps in all states. Minimum revenues will be $30K for a discussion. Call Jim Prigg on 0408 520 453 or jim@knowledgemaster.com.au to find out more on how to make your business more geographically congruent.


Keen non-aligned AFSL looking to acquire risk books.

Interested in NSW and QLD businesses. Willing to pay up to 3.4 times for the right business. Finance in place. Ready to act NOW.

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What do the Millenium3 and FSP dealer groups have to offer?

These two AFSL’s have a range of services and facilities to cover the gamut of adviser’s requirements.

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Maximising the Sale Price of your Planning Business – in changing times

Practice Exchange

With the Financial Services Royal Commission final report to the be handed down in a few weeks time one thing is certain – the way Financial Planning and Insurance Businesses are traded in the market place will change.

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Urgent. Sydney based business wanted NOW.

Income range $50K-$120k. Quick sale wanted. WIWO. Finance arranged.

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The Shire, Wollongong or Campbelltown Risk business wanted.

Experienced adviser looking for an acquisition that would involve an extended transitioning period to ensure the best interests of the client are served. Up to $150K income considered. Finance in place. Ready to buy NOW.

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The AAMC Training Group is offering special discounts

AAMC Training Group

Selected qualifications, short courses and course packages until 31st January 2019. Discover your special discount here.


Struggling Small Business Saved By Non-Bank Finance


Paul Boyd-Skinner from AusWise Finance shares how he was able to help a small business with alternative financing. Read more

Paul also shares his insights on why you “Shouldn’t put all your Finances into One Basket”. Read more

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