The Insurance Adviser: Brave, Busted or Fallen Rock Stars?There is no other profession on the face of this earth with the power and compassion to direct and determine social, family and financial outcomes and events in the way yours can. Whether you are a hardened road warrior of many years experience or an altruistic newcomer who believes there is an opportunity to change the world you are to be congratulated. Some years ago I was fortunate enough to deliver this speech to a session of the MDRT in Brisbane with my old friend Joe Nowak. I reckon it is just as pertinent today as it was then. What do you think?

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How to bust the impasse of the serial procrastinator by using the technique of the Lazarus close.

The Lazarus close is a very simple close that allows you to revisit the position and check the warmth of someone who has gone off the boil in proceedings. This simple close is ideal for an offer which may have been going on for some time and you are finding it hard to reach a decision with your prospect.

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80 Lead generation and prospecting ideas

Whether you are presenting, pitching or speaking nervousness can cruel your capability to succeed. Discover some of the simple and easy to use techniques to utilise so you become more effective when presenting.

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Opportunity not to be missed: The Chaucer AFSL is looking for advisers


This small, close knit AFSL is looking for advisers in Sydney. Consider your future. Two data bases of $80K and $40K are available. Are you the right adviser to join them?

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What happens to your insurance policy if….? By Sue Laing

What happens to your insurance policy if....

Sue Laing, the “doyeness” of insurance “know how”, intellectual property and intelligence shares a tremendous article about questions surrounding your insurance policy if certain product providers are sold, amalgamated or acquired. Great content to share with your clients and prospects.

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Shartru. A new AFSL that looks after its advisers.

Shartru Wealth

Discover why the Shartru AFSL can make a difference to your business and to your bottom line. Talk to Rob Coyte CEO today.

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What does the future hold for you?

Don’t be shy. Share with us what you want to do. How will you cope and what your plans are? Receive your FREE report“Important things to consider when selling your business.”

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Peter Johnston of the AIOFP


FASEA. CFP. The politics. Peter and the AIOFP are all over it.

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FASEA time line and how you can help.

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Want to deliver your message to 13,000+ people? Discover how to mobilise our data base to your advantage.

Broadcast your messages to a nationwide audience. Knowledgemaster International (KMI) has a community of over 13,000, plus 2,300 live LinkedIn connections. Across the street or across the nation let KMI connect you to our audience. Call now to discuss how this valuable connection asset can help you. Branding, recruitment, business/data base acquisitions, positions vacant, business sales and direct promotions.

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Want to sell more life insurance? Yes please!

Insurance and Sales Academy (ISAK)

Discover the timeless tactics and techniques that mandated courses and product flogs DO NOT teach you about how to sell insurance. Register here Timeless, practical material. Successful sales strategies. A coast to coast asset of collateral and content. Regular monthly delivery online, on time, 24/7. Join the online Insurance and Sales Academy (ISAK) today. The first month it is only $1. Yes just $1. Then only $49.50 per month thereafter. The first 50 subscribers receive a free hard cover book “The Five Pillars Of Guaranteed Business Success” by Dr Greg Chapman. Register here today.


Generating business through social media, digital marketing and lead generation

Generating business through social media, digital marketing and lead generation

So many businesses struggle with the online marketing world. They know their business needs to be out there and they also know they could (and should) generate business off social media (other people and companies do); but it’s the HOW that is the biggest challenge!

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Miriam Sandkuhler’s Property Maven’s great report and newsletter

Property Mavens

Expert insights. Success story (love it). Where is the Melbourne property market? Discover why you need a buyer’s agent? Learn from Miriam today.

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Tony Spies. On the front foot and counter punching!
Great article Tony!

Tony Spies. On the front foot and counter punching!

While the interim report outlined that brokers play “important roles in the home loan industry,” one main question was raised for the broking sector – who does a mortgage broker work for – the bank, or the customer? Similarities with the FP profession??

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David Graham has a VENT moment. Well worth the read.

Tony Spies. On the front foot and counter punching!

I don’t really know the length of my tether, but I feel I am getting close. No doubt many in our industry (intentional description), feel the same. We have spent well over 15 years, building our advice business. We have built slowly and carefully, knowing our only true asset is our reputation. Thank you David for sharing.

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Keen non-aligned AFSL looking to acquire risk books

Interested in NSW and QLD businesses. Will pay up to 3.4 times for the right business. Finance in place. Ready to act NOW.

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Partnership with professional advisers wanted by national dealer group

Are you domiciled in any of these locations or could move there? Discover more and call me about these opportunities today.

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Small risk book for sale. SA based. $28K p.a. income

For more information call Jim Prigg on 0408 520 453 or

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Urgent. Businesses wanted NOW.

Cashed up buyers are ready to make YOU an offer NOW for your business

Wanted Businesses

  • Eager buyer of risk, financial planning and mortgage books. Acquisitions across the country with no restrictions on location wanted NOW. Investment up to $300,000. Willing to talk attractive terms for purchases with an upfront investment, reasonable handover protocols and standard run-off provisions.
  • Is this your management succession plan? Talk with a modern, insurance oriented practice that is looking to acquire risk books in NSW. Read more
  • A well established Brisbane financial planning business located close to the city and looking to expand is seeking business acquisitions or books of business that cover risk, investment, super and SMSF. Read more
  • Sydney based group looking to acquire FP businesses NOW. They are looking for purchases with a recurring income of $300,000+. Both risk and funds under management are of interest to them. They are negotiable on terms depending on the quality of the book. Read more


Secondary and dormant data bases wanted

Get rid of low return lists and put capital into your pocket. Do you have an old, dormant or legacy product data base? Discover how to capitalise these low return client bases into ready cash. Call Jim Prigg on 0408 520 453 or for a discussion on how to create a quick cash injection for your business now.


Want to leave the industry, but need someone to give TLC to your clients?

Would you like to have a friendly discussion with a professional looking to make sure the transition is painless for you and your clients?

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Risk business wanted

Leading multi functional financial planning firm are looking to invest reasonable amounts of money for a suitable acquisition(s) with in-force premium totals between $750K and $2M. This is an ideal opportunity for someone looking to retire or ease back their activity to sell to an experienced person in the insurance industry.

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Non-aligned AFSL looking to acquire FUM

A leading multidisciplinary financial services firm with several offices in NSW & ACT is actively looking to acquire funds management businesses with up to $150 million under management.

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Professional risk practice looking to acquire books in all capital cities (except Perth) or rural areas

Up to $800K T/O. Ready to acquire NOW. Finance in place.

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Forward thinking SA financial planning practice wanting to form JV’s with accounting firms

This is an ideal arrangement for accounting firms facing margin pressures and unable to invest in staffing resources in building up new revenue streams.

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“What if I could show YOU a way to build a referrals based business?


Knowledgemaster recently created and delivered a successful and interactive half day program for a major corporate client about, “How to build referrals based business”. Discover the content and how they appraised the program. No death by PowerPoint! Hard cover workbook with loads of ideas, tactics, techniques and real practical takeout. If this would add value to your business please contact Jim Prigg on 0408 520 453 or to discover how you can utilise this content to increase productivity and profitability.

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