These are the broad topics covered in this “How to Gain Commitment and Close with Class” workshop.

  • Closing: Part of the total service process
  • What is closing?
  • Ensuring a smooth transition to the closing portion of your presentation
  • Asking for the business upfront: Pre-emptive closing techniques
  • Understanding “agreement to proceed” signs
  • Closing stimulators
  • Getting to YES quicker
  • What moves people to buy now?
  • The principle of implied consent
  • 7 Closing techniques that you can work with: Assumptive; Dual choice; The confirmation; Silent; Trial; Lazarus; Reflex.
  • 21 Closing saboteurs. Things not to do when closing
  • The post sales analysis checklist sheet
  • Closing: Statements or questions?
  • Breaking deadlocks
  • Simple ways to start the closing process
  • Why don’t people buy?
  • Value Proposition and the benefits your deliver for the client
  • YOUR action plan to improve your capacity to gain commitment to your offers

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