These are the broad topics covered in this “How to Build a Business based on Referrals and Centres of Influence” workshop.

  • Why referrals?
  • When do you ask for referrals?
  • Profiling your ideal client
  • Referrals visuals
  • What types of referrals are there?
  • Simple referral scripts
  • Specific person or situation questions for referrals
  • Attributes of a good referral source
  • Sure-fire ways to improve your referrals responses and skills
  • Referral techniques
  • Referrals letters
  • Referrals hook questionnaire
  • How to create your own referral(s) scripts
  • Centres of Influence
  • Strengthening your referrals supply chain partners
  • Rewarding your referrals supply chain partners
  • Building a referrals support system
  • YOUR action plan for developing better referral sources

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