These are the broad topics covered in this “How to Attract and Find Potential Clients” workshop.

  • Sustainable prospecting and lead generation
  • What is meant by prospecting?
  • What is meant by lead generation?
  • What type of person are you seeking?
  • What type of consumer are you looking for or do you want to attract?
  • Prospecting and lead generation categories to consider
  • Profiling your idea client
  • Prospecting idea one: Event change as a source of prospecting
  • Prospecting idea two: Follow your dollar
  • Prospecting idea three: Nomination of beneficiary service
  • Prospecting idea four: Cold solicitation letter to new professionals
  • Prospecting idea five: Effective and simple conceptual pull questionnaires
  • Prospecting idea six: Referrals visuals
  • Initial client retention
  • 70 reasons to send a letter
  • Client based prospecting. Reasons and trigger events to contact people
  • Electronic prospecting tactics
  • YOUR action plan for success in prospecting and lead generation

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