Sales Signals. How to read themProspects generally don’t say I want to buy what you have suggested, do they? It would be nice if they did. But what if you learned to understand the buying signals they give out that mean the same? Learn to identify the following as sales signals.

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Marketing Idea
How to Energise your Communications

Sales letters and sales emails are essential in today’s busy world. But how do you break through the static and noise to get your offer noticed? Despite what many believe that social media will solve all marketing problems an effective sales letter or email is still a valuable way to get your offer in front of potential buyers.

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Prospecting Idea
How to approach hard to reach prospects

Recently a client of mine asked the question “I have this super prospect for my services. I don’t know them. He doesn’t know me. I don’t know anyone who can refer me. I am at my wit’s end to find a way to get in front of them. What can I do?” Sound familiar? Discover a simple way to get in front of unknown prospects.

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Paul Tynan asks; “Where to now for financial services post Federal election and Hayne Royal Commission?”


Read Paul’s incisive take on the future of advice and the ramifications you can expect to see.

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Update by the AIOFP grand fathered commissions saga from Peter Johnstone


Discover the issues and progress surrounding the grand fathered commissions issue and the High Court case.

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So what are your thoughts on Your FUTURE as an adviser?

Receive your FREE “9 Killer Questionnaires and Checklists” for the sale of advice profession when you complete our simple questionnaire here.


Cashed up buyer looking to acquire techno based business

Small businesses up to $200,000+ RR annually.

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A new AFSL that looks after its advisers. Shartru

Shartru Wealth

Learn why the Shartru AFSL can make a difference to your business and to your bottom line too. Talk to Rob Coyte the CEO of Shartru today about your future and how he can help you face the challenges of the new world of financial advice.

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Are you looking for Sales and Soft Skills support material that actually helps you win more business?

Sales and Soft Skills support material

Online, no compliance crud, No techno raves, No Product flogs and No exams Knowledgemaster can help you today. Discover more here.


Position wanted

Well qualified graduate looking for an opportunity.

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Advisor Wanted. Melbourne based.

Supplied clientele. Para planning supplied. Inner suburban location. Ready to engage with the right person now.

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Barry Daniels comment

Mental health distress brought about by industry reform fatigue, constant legislative / regulatory changes and reputational damage of financial services is the unintended consequence that is contributing to many advice practitioners’ decision to terminate their careers and exit the advisory sector.

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Small accounting practice wanted. Melbourne.

$100-$400K T/O. One owner/principal. Vicinity South Melbourne to Mordialloc. WIWO preferred. Up front payment.

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The Shire, Wollongong or Campbelltown Risk business wanted.

Experienced adviser looking for an acquisition that would involve an extended transitioning period to ensure the best interests of the client are served. Up to $150K income considered. Finance in place. Ready to buy NOW.

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New Financial Planning business for sale. Gold Coast Tweed Heads.

FUM $9.3M. 150 clients. Owner wishes to retire. Income $111K.

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QLD based FP with own AFSL. $1.2M T/O.

2 offices. Brisbane and Townsville. Quality business with excellent records and valuable XPlan IP. Genuine seller. Support staff and 2 AR’s in place.

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Melbourne. Northern suburbs. Advice business for sale.

Income from the practice is $114,000 (ex GST) $94,000 revenue is ongoing service fee arrangements (from 32 clients). $20,000 revenue is risk trail either from the ongoing service clients or a further 11 clients. There is nil $$ generated from any grandfathered trails. Great starter business.

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Melbourne. Financial Advice business for sale.

$220,000 of recurring revenue. 80% of the recurring revenue is from fixed and percentage based fees and 20% from ongoing (renewal) risk commission. There are 104 client groups with 313 accounts and policies. There are 34 SMSF owned accounts.

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National risk data base for sale

An adviser who has been in the industry for 18 years has a risk data base for sale. The main insurance product providers are: TAL, AIA, Zurich, MLC and Asteron. The products are all life based including Life, TPD and Income protection. Income is made up of insurance renewal commissions of approx. $240,000. There are 570 names in the national register.

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Queensland based.
Risk and investment business.

An experienced risk writer is looking to sell their Queensland based business. Book is composed of Professionals, mums and dads, Tradespeople and Small business people. Total number of clients is 218. Funds under management is $6M+. Total Income for the 2017/18 year was $82,200.

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Melbourne accounting practice for sale with small FP income.

Tremendous cash flow business. T/O $700K+ Small FP component. Ideal for cross sales of other advice products and services.

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Opportunity. Opportunity. Opportunity: Advisers wanted for non-aligned AFSL.

Non-institutional boutique AFSL looking for AR’s to work with them.

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Urgent. Businesses wanted NOW.

Cashed up buyers are ready to make YOU an offer NOW for your business

Wanted Businesses

  • Is this your management succession plan? Talk with a modern, insurance oriented practice that is looking to acquire risk books in NSW. Read more
  • A well established Brisbane financial planning business located close to the city and looking to expand is seeking business acquisitions or books of business that cover risk, investment, super and SMSF. Read more
  • Melbourne based adviser looking to acquire small data bases of heritage, dormant C&D class clients and Mysuper products. Cashed up buyer. Can absorb up to $300K investment quickly. Phone Jim Prigg for more details on 0408 520453.
  • Adelaide based business looking to acquire business or data base. Finance arranged. Ready to buy NOW on WIWO businesses.

Phone Jim Prigg for more details on 0408 520 453 today.


Urgent. Sydney based business wanted NOW.

Income range $50K-$120k. Quick sale wanted. WIWO. Finance arranged.

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New Amazing New CRM system

Most people view CRM’s as an administrative burden that takes time away from advising. But what if there was a tool that helps advisers and mortgage brokers win in the following ways?

  • Reduces compliance risks
  • Increases productivity/efficiencies Increases revenue generation
  • End to End customer management system, increase efficiency and productivity
  • Compliance modules, piece of mind knowing all data stored on one client file
  • Automated communication with clients, email, SMS, DocuSign integration

Talk today to Harley West on 0422 448 896.

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