“Sell Your Business” Introduction Service through KnowledgeMaster

//“Sell Your Business” Introduction Service through KnowledgeMaster

“Sell Your Business” Introduction Service through KnowledgeMaster

$3,960.00 inc GST for 12 months

How to get your business in front of willing buyers quickly and reliably at a reasonable cost.

The KnowledgeMaster “Sell your Business” introduction service is designed to give you access to willing purchasers in the following ways. Your business:

  1. Is circulated to our national list of buyers already registered with us.
  2. Is uploaded to our Knowledgemaster International websites.
  3. Is listed in our monthly national newsletter Knowledgemaster News for 12 months or until it is sold within that 12 month period.
  4. Is circulated in our special Buy/Sell newsletters (every two months).
  5. Is circulated to our LinkedIn community of 5,000+.
  6. Circulated to a select group of BDM’s and AFSL principals.


How the Knowledgemaster “Sell your Business” introduction service works for you

  • The Knowledgemaster News, newsletter reaches 17,000+ people every month or by special information flows such as our Buy/Sell newsletters.
  • This introduction service is designed to deliver your message to a range of willing buyers rather than relying on the conventional (commission based) business agency model.
  • Vendors control the negotiating process at their own pace and requirements. There are no third parties involved.
  • You will receive automatic notification of new opportunities from our website as well as the data base connections.
  • Your request is circulated to our constituency for up to 12 months.
  • We do not accept commissions from either purchasers or vendors.
  • Confidentiality is maintained until the introduction phase.
  • Disclosure of potential purchasers is electronically delivered to you.
  • The Knowledgemaster team will help create the ‘attraction’ article for the website and to our newsletters subject to your final approval.
  • The vendor agrees to pay the registration fee for online description of book(s) and connections of business wanted to sell.
  • The registration fee is paid prior to any notification in our contact devices or introductions.
  • Knowledgemaster International P/L or their staff do not enter into negotiations on your behalf with any purchasers, their agents or representatives.
  • Knowledgemaster International P/L do not take commissions from any sales that may eventuate from either the vendor or purchaser.
  • Knowledgemaster International P/L take no responsibility for any outcomes or non outcomes of negotiations between vendors and purchasers or their agents and advisers.
  • Knowledgemaster International P/L takes all care but accepts no responsibility or liability for any information given to compose the documentation of the postings by vendors or third parties.
  • Knowledgemaster International P/L agrees to promote your business for 12 months absolute. Our fees are non refundable and paid up-front.
  • Knowledgemaster International P/L will prepare a description of your business for attracting interested parties. A draft is presented to you for final approval prior to release.
  • Potential purchasers and vendors conduct their own due diligence.

What types of people are on our data base?

The data base is composed of financial planners (employees, small businesses IFA’s & institutions) accountants, mortgage brokers insurance advisers, personnel of institutions (banks, life offices and product manufacturers) and AFSL’s.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Our readers are used to receiving our communications.
  • Reach potential buyers without the high cost of names acquisition, data base filtering, cleaning or high advertising costs.
  • Deliver regular messages irrespective of your own workload, location or staffing levels.
  • No commissions or success fees.
  • No technical or service staff required by you.
  • Reach the audience you want to attract and interact with quickly, regularly, reliably and cost effectively.

“Our business had heard of Knowledgemaster from industry colleagues and other advisers. Dealing with Jim was an absolute breeze and I found him to be very attentive in his correspondence and outstanding in being able to connect us to so many prospects. One of the best investments we have made and we’ll be utilising the service again.” Chris Zegers. Senior financial adviser and partner at Keystonewealth Sydney

Services provided

Editing service to produce attraction article for the Knowledgemaster newsletter website landing pageYes
Monthly entry in our national newsletterYes
Drafts provided to help you build the attraction articleYes
Initial filtering of interested parties to your attraction articleYes
Linkage and uploaded to the Knowledgemaster websitesYes
Duration to supply service12 months
Investment$3,960 p.a. GST inc. Paid upfront
Direct EFT paymentYes
Are there any commissions paid on a successful sale?No
Are there any fees or commissions paid on unsuccessful negotiations?No
Upload to LinkedIn. Automatically included in first month. Quarterly thereafter.Yes
Promotion in special Buy/Sell initiatives to our data base.Yes
Preferential notification of potential purchasers before the advertisement is inserted in our newsletters.Yes
Any contracts to signNo
Draft confidentiality document. OptionalYes. $299
Any consultative work or joint meetings with potential buyers?$330 per hour plus exes