Project Description

In the wake of the Hayne Royal Commission and with the requirements of FASEA looming I’m getting more and more advisers telling me that they have made the decision to retire.

Planner succession is a complex issue, and to help solve it we have partnered with Mark Witt at Practice Exchange, who can not only help you sell your business but also provide other succession options such as mergers and the appointment of equity partners.

Mark has long experience and proven expertise when it comes to Accounting and Financial Planning practice sales, equity partner appointments and mergers. In the past 15 years he has have completed over 400 transactions representing clients that have ranged in size from sole traders to ASX-listed companies.

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“Now that the Financial Services Royal Commission final report has been handed down one thing is clear – the way Financial Planning and Insurance Businesses are traded in the market place will change.”

To discuss any of the opportunities mentioned above or your own practice sale, merger or partnership requirement please contact Mark on 1300 722 452, or via email at  or go to Practice Exchange to find out more.