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Spectrum Wealth Advisers (SWA)Who are Spectrum Wealth Advisers (SWA)?

Spectrum Wealth Advisers (SWA) is a privately owned boutique Dealer Group of over 300 advisers, that was created by Financial Planners for Financial Planners. We have a simple philosophy which is:

“Take good care of our Financial Planners so that they can take good care of their clients!”

Spectrum Wealth Advisers believes in doing everything possible to promote enduring and beneficial relationships with our Financial Planners so that they in-turn have the scope and support to bring the best to their clients.

So…what makes SWA different?

The most compelling reasons for you to join SWA is our independence and flexibility. We adapt to suit the needs of our advisers not the other way around. We are not aligned to financial institutions or any product manufacturer.

Unlike the majority of dealer groups in our market, we are free of any external influence or restrictions. If you need our support, we supply it, if you need help with advice, we provide it and if you want the freedom to promote good performing products that you feel are best for your clients, you can! If the products are not on our APL, you can apply to have them added and we’ll do the due-diligence.

The very FLEXIBLE SWA offer

We have grown stongly, purely by ‘word-of-mouth’ referrals from our existing Financial Planners. We are independently-owned, have our own research committee and we have already seamlessly transitioned over 300 financial planners from other Dealerships to SWA. Take a look at our adviser offer to find out why SWA is one of the fastest growing dealer groups in the market for the independently-minded Financial Planner.


1. Dealer split

Our Adviser rate starts at 90/10 (this is the maximum we charge) and it only gets better from there. We are happy to negotiate a lower dealer split depending on income. We have streamlined the client transition process. All you need to do is provide your adviser codes and our team does the rest. When you do as many client-book transitions as we have, you get very good at it!

2. Independently selected Approved Product List (APL)

We have our own independent researchers including our Chairman of the APL Committee, who is one of only 141 Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) qualified experts in Australia; and a member of the prestigious Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA).

SWA selects each product for its APL on an independent product-by-product basis, choosing only the most appropriate and best performing investment options. We are also happy to receive product suggestions from our advisers, who are often the best judge of how a product is performing for clients. SWA does not rely on bonus income from product manufacturers, and we will never force you to recommend products or platforms of a particular manufacturer.

3. Professional development and training

SWA is committed to providing its advisers with the latest and most up-to-date training opportunities available. We ensure that all legislated training (RG146 compliant training) and personal development requirements are met to fulfil the training needs of the individual:

  • Access to qualified training staff throughout Australia
  • Ability to use and adapt RG146 compliant SWA Annual Training Plan and Training Policy document templates
  • Induction training
  • Professional Development days, 2 per year, covering a broad range of practical planning issues
  • Self-paced learning courses through Kaplan – Ontrack (web-based learning) and through PD sessions (traditional face-to-face method)
  • Specialised training

4. Efficient compliance practices and compliance support

SWA manage a representative compliance program for advisers, providing guidance on how to handle the complex regulatory requirements set out in the Corporations Act. Our philosophy is to coach and work with our Advisers towards successful compliance, not intimidate or threaten.

The SWA compliance staff provide you with guidance and support through:


Quality review programs are conducted annually, reviewing all representatives, to ensure knowledge, skills, regulatory and compliance requirements are being met. The review is conducted by either SWA’s qualified personnel or professional independent consultants.


This manual, available online and provides step-by-step information about administrative procedures and policies, ensuring you and/or your representatives have the information required to meet all regulatory requirements.


SWA has prepared a number of standard disclosure documents for all types of advice and charging methods. Some of the documents include: Financial Services Guides, client questionnaires, disclosure of fees and commissions, and disclaimers.


Compliance and advisory services experts are available, via phone, Monday to Friday, between 9am to 5pm AEST, to provide you and your advisers with advice on complex legislative and regulatory issues. For any urgent or pressing issues you can ring our staff mobiles 24 hours a day!

5. Recognition, rewards and loyalty programs

SWA regularly runs competitions and reward programs to put a bit of fun into being a valued member of our dealership. We also discount our dealer fee as you earn more; and we pay spotters fees if you like us enough to refer other Financial Planners to our growing group.

Our rewards and recognition programs are there to encourage our financial planners to be pro-active with their clients and we recognise: client activity, successful outcomes for clients and also the ‘wins’ you have with your personal income. None of our rewards or incentives are related to product-pushing as we are not aligned to any product or institution. We are about staying in touch with clients and rewarding you for improvements in your own results.

6. Access to Business Technology Solutions

We understand that financial software can help you offer better and faster service to your clients. Take a look at some of our business technology solutions below:





7. Efficient method of revenue and commission payment


SWA uses a streamlined payment system for the processing of revenue (including fee for service) which enables the remittance of revenue to you for products on SWA’s APL.

SWA processes payments weekly, which will greatly assist you with managing your cashflow.

All revenue and fees received by SWA are collated and distributed to you with a detailed remuneration statement for each authorised representative.


EasyDealer, our electronic commission statement system receives, collates and pays your commissions electronically. EasyDealer provides you with a weekly update, statement history and can make regular distributions to your referral partners.


Many of our Financial Planners use accountants to prepare their business financials and tax returns. However, SWA also provides an accounting service to our Financial Planners that takes care of your company accounts, quarterly BAS statements and annual tax returns, as well as producing your annual financial statements; or producing your company statements at any time on request. We use automated systems that link-in with our EasyDealer commission payment system to make your bookkeeping simple and accurate. The system automatically does most of your bookkeeping for you. This takes away the stress of managing your business with the ATO. Our Accounting division is completely separate and makes your accounting and tax obligations easy & efficient. All your information is strictly confidential to yourself and is not permitted to be shared with the AFSL.

Since launching this service to our Financial Planners we have found that many of our Financial Planners have referred this service to their clients, which has allowed the Financial planner to provide an integrated service that that is not only valued by their clients, but has turned out to be a great client retention strategy too!

8. Marketing and communications support

(Keep your own trading name if you wish)

You may use the SWA name or you are more than welcome to use you own business name and therefore keep the name that your clients understand and trust. You only need to refer to SWA as the AFSL. We realise that your business is unique, and requires a personal touch when it comes to marketing. We are also aware that you may not have the time or the budget required to do all the important marketing activities yourself. We can help, by tailoring our SWA marketing materials to your business and we can help you develop all the campaigns and collateral you need. Our marketing service can also design and implement new materials and websites for you.

9. Technical support

Our technical Support managers are experienced, well informed and ready to help you, via phone, Skype, email or face-to-face, with your technical questions.

We can provide information about:

  • advantages and disadvantages of particular strategies
  • effective financial planning options
  • legislative and regulatory changes
  • technical aspects of superannuation, retirement incomes, insurance, managed investments and their impact on, social security and estate planning


As an additional service we offer seminars, workshops and client presentations run by our expert Technical Services Managers. Topics include financial advice strategies, taxation planning, social security, estate planning, superannuation, retirement income streams, insurance and investments.

10. Investment Research and Recommended Products List

One of the success factors of our business is that we are independently owned and not aligned or influenced by any institution or product manufacturer. In fact our Approved Product List has been developed in close conjunction with the recommendations of our Financial Planners, where products are researched and approved based on merit and client suitability. As one of the few remaining dealeships that is independently owned, we are proud of the fact that we can offer products that are in clients’ best interests, free of any outside influence. SWA’s APL includes more than 400 products and 60 fund managers.

For more information please call Jim Prigg on: 03 5232 1500 Mob 0408 520453