Project Description

We are a modern, insurance oriented practice with forward thinking partners who are looking to acquire books of risk in NSW.

We operate within a non-aligned dealer group that is an independently owned and operated risk specialist licensee. This means we can provide advice that is solely in the clients’ best interest with no interference or expectations from third parties.

Our practice comprises of 6 risk only advisers, and due to our size we have access to the best underwriters in the industry.

Our service ethic provides clients with industry leading processes and systems to ensure that each and every client receives the highest quality service available.

We have Approved Funding in place and are interested in purchasing books with up to $10,000,000 of premium under management.

Books with the following groupings are of special interest: Professionals, Business insurance and PAYG clients. While we are searching for predominantly risk books, we are also able to absorb accounting and FUM clients if required.

We are negotiable on change over protocols, run off periods and payment options. We would like to ensure that all parties involved in a book purchase (clients, vendor and purchaser) are treated fairly and equitably.

Advisers who have existing referral relationships can be assured that those connections will continue to exist, as we are only too happy to work with trusted referrers.

If you are a financial planner who has a small risk portfolio, but wish to concentrate more on planning in the future, then we would be happy to work with your clients in a professional manner to maintain the quality and continuity of the risk advice.

For more information contact Jim Prigg