Project Description

A successful full-service FP business, servicing professional and small business clientele, is seeking to grow, by setting up JVs with medium to large accounting firms (fees of $ 1.5 million +). Willing to acquire existing JVs or portfolios.

This is an ideal arrangement for accounting firms facing margin pressures and unable to invest staffing resources in building up new revenue streams.

Accounting firms based in Adelaide CBD, fringe or Eastern suburbs, with a sizeable base of SME, professional and SMSF clientele, would be best suited.

No investment or pre-conditions required apart from contiguous office space and an agreed level of referrals for business growth.

The JV can be set up with the accounting brand and provides the option to buy-back the FP partner equity after an 8-10-year period as a going concern i.e., along with the existing systems and staff.

This is an economical and effective way of building a high-quality FP business without taking compliance and regulatory risks and yet keeping financial investment to a minimum.

For more information please call Jim Prigg on 0408 520453 or contact