Project Description

Are you looking for finance to fund the acquisition of an Advice business?

How do you fund Advice businesses?

How do you fund the succession plan for your business?

Many Bankers and Brokers have not had the exposure to transactions involved with Advice businesses for sale. That is why it is imperative to be speaking to people who have this valuable experience. JCM Finance understands how to identify the inherent value of your business when presenting transactions to a potential Bank / Funder. This increases the likelihood of a favourable outcome.

Transactions may include one or a combination of the following:-

  • Looking to acquire a new Advice business by leveraging against your existing business
  • Looking to fund a succession plan by selling a portion of your business to an existing employee or potential purchaser
  • You may have existing funding already in place which is secured against property and are looking to remove its reliance for asset protection purposes or to utilise the equity in your property for further wealth creation
  • You may be looking to merge businesses with another firm and require funding to accommodate the transaction

Typically, Lenders utilise a multiple of Recurring Revenue and / or an ‘Adjusted’ EBIT calculation when determining a ‘Maximum Lending Limit’ against the business. This can differ depending on the Dealer Group that an Adviser may be aligned with. Additional to this, each funder incorporates their own suite of reporting and financial covenants specific to the transaction to monitor ongoing business success.

Having the right person to speak to prior to liasing with a Bank can save both time and money. This ensures that a proposed transaction is presented both professionally and is congruent with a specific funder’s lending policy. Director of JCM Finance Pty Ltd, Joshua McKay, has successfully facilitated many transactions in the Professional Services Industry having 15 years of industry experience in both Commercial Banking and Finance Broking.

Why should you contact JCM Finance Pty Ltd?

What are your Benefits
You will be dealing with an expert in the industry
You will be able to save time and money
We will facilitate the most appropriate structure and most affordable outcome
We will liaise directly with all potential Funders
We are quick and easy to do business with
Our services are typically paid for by the Funder leaving no out of pocket expenses for you

Please, Call Josh now for an initial discussion on (07) 5526 6799 or 0400 707 576 or e-mail him at

Please follow see below for some of the questions that Josh and his team will be asking throughout the initial consultation:

First Name
Last Name
Contact Number
e-mail Address
What State is the business located
Business Name
Proposed Borrowing Entity
Business Structure (ie Trust; Company; other)
Does the business operate under its own AFSL or under a Dealer Group arrangement
If applicable which Dealer Group does the business operate under
How long has the business been operating
How many Directors are associated with the business
How many staff are employed by the business
How many clients does the business have
How many of these clients are considered ‘active’
Average age of clients
What is the Annual Ongoing Revenue of the business
What % of the business is Risk versus FUM