Project Description

The Chaucer group is a small AFSL of 15 advisers based mainly in the Sydney Basin. Our experienced RM, Chris Lambden, invites you to consider a unique offer to farm a client base and eventually buy it.

Like any successful organisation we are looking to attract younger advisers into the group in a succession planning initiative. This presents an excellent opportunity for younger advisers to acquire ready-made businesses from our experienced and mature advisers looking to retire over the next few years.

These are real businesses, with real people that have been developed from hard work over a period of years that have a wonderful and meaningful relationship with their clients.

There is an opportunity for business acquisition through a register for sale now. We invite advisers wishing to join us to have a look at the content of this register and its potential not only to generate a tidy passive income, but for potentially future business opportunities..

This register produces $80,000 plus per annum now. There is no set price or multiple for the purchase. We can supply up to date figures. We are happy to negotiate with potential purchasers on conditions of acquisition. The only prerequisite is that you will need to join our dealership to secure the purchase.

If there are any advisers who would like to join us or have a discussion about the register for sale we would be delighted to have an initial meeting. Chaucer is a very social group with a family atmosphere missing in many other larger groups.

We have a very simple a flat fee model. This means there is no percentage rake off for the AFSL. Because of the experience in the group we are happy to do some mentoring and assist newer advisers into the business .

We would be delighted to put you in contact with some of our existing advisers so you might hear from them first-hand about how they feel about our supportive, low key management style.

Key points: Join us on a flat fee model at just under $20,000 per year. This includes PI, Kaplan and Canstar along with training in PD days etc.

What to do now? Contact Chris Lambden on 0409 216 814 or email for a friendly chat and how Chaucer can be part of your future. Phone Chris today.