Nine fundamentals of closing the saleMuch energy and handwringing has been devoted to product knowledge, technical expertise and compliance. Yet at the paying end of the process little is mentioned about asking for the business or gaining commitment to proceed. Discover how to get the business over the line.

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Could you use cold calling to generate new business?

The answer is YES. Provided you have been effectively trained with practical strategy and tactics. This means mastering skills such as: pre-call disciplines, creating effective contact scripts, employing simple phone etiquette, knowing how to handle objections pre-emptively and offering choices.

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How to build a referrals based business

Create your own cash economy whatever the economic climate is. Discover how to build your own referrals based business with this practical manual at only $49.50 GST inc.

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The Kidman Station


You now have a rare opportunity to acquire a beneficial interest in the Kidman cattle empire – the largest single land holding on earth; larger than Ireland and almost half the size of Victoria!

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Checklist of dealer group services

Checklist of dealer group services

What type of services, support and initiatives are you looking for from a dealer group? Benchmark what you currently have against this comprehensive list.

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DomaCom. Initial Public Offering.


Knowledgemaster have talked a lot about DomaCom over the past couple of years. DomaCom have a unique Fund that provides an online trading platform to enable buyers and sellers to transact for fractional ownership in high value assets such as property. DomaCom Limited (ASX:DCL) have been preparing for an IPO for some time, and recently lodged a prospectus with ASIC and the ASX with applications to invest to be accepted from 11th July 2016. Listen to Allan Kohler and read more here.


Top PA wanted for exciting new business in the financial services area. Who do you know who could be interested?

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An insider’s look at property

Property Prosperity

One of the most pressing challenges for advisers is how to advise clients looking to invest in residential property. One of the best guides on the market is the newly updated best-selling Property Prosperity by 18 year real estate veteran Miriam Sandkuhler.

Applying a financial planning approach to direct property investing, it takes readers step by step through how to identify winning locations, select correct property types, avoid common pitfalls and negotiate with agents.

To celebrate the latest release, Knowledge Master subscribers can get this Amazon #1 insider’s look at real estate for this special price here but only until 5th August 2016


Advisors. Are you seeking to create a new income stream and new business prospects?

International Consultants to Business

Special offer for a limited number of financial planners. Become agents for International Consultants to Business to market and promote our 30 specialist On line Business Training courses. This can create a significant new stream of income for your business.

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Advisors. Are you looking to upskill your own business capacity and that of your staff?

International Consultants to Business

This introduction is for advisors seeking to take their enterprise to a new level of excellence and profit by investing in their own business knowledge and skills, and that of their staff. Advisors associated with KnowledgeMaster will be given preference of places if they register by the end of July.

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Capital raising announcement. Energy storage solutions for the future.

BEER and Co

This information is presented as an introduction service to our readers from BEER and Co. This pre-IPO capital raising search is for sophisticated and professional investors and is under S708 of the Corporations Act. Funds raised in this Excluded Offer to s708 investors will be used by Ionic to advance the forthcoming IPO and the commercialisation of high-value applications using Graphene Oxide.

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Could Sentry be your new dealer group?

Sentry Group

The Sentry Focus. CEO Murray Hills says, Sentry is a unique experience for you. We take great care to understand your goals and personality. We offer:

  • Friendly, experienced, high quality business support and technical service
  • The best solutions for you and your clients
  • Assistance to maximise your personal skills and practice growth
  • Low cost access to leading edge technology support
  • Firm but fair compliance and risk management procedures
  • Security of revenue and ownership of clients

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How can the Lifespan dealer group help YOU?


Since its inception in 1994 our business has remained privately owned. With the absence of institutional owners the Lifespan approach continues to empower advisers with the flexibility to choose. Call Alan McTighe today on 0409 969 472. Read more


Businesses for Sale

Risk WA/Perth
Circa $30k p.a
Accounting with some FP VIC T/O $655K
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Gladstone QLD
Circa $100k p.a.
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Businesses wanted NOW

Wanted Businesses

A privately owned dealer group with over a decade of experience is looking to grow their business by acquisition. They have offices in both Melbourne and Sydney with 8 full time advisers.Read more

URGENT: Corporate super books wanted NOW. Read more

Geelong/Melbourne CBD Risk business wanted. Read more An experienced risk writer is looking to expand their business in Geelong/Melbourne CBD. They are looking for business acquisitions and books of business that are primarily insurance-based.

Is this your management succession plan? Talk with a modern, insurance oriented practice who are looking to acquire risk books in NSW. Read more

New. Melbourne based business wanted. Client numbers: 100-200. Funds under Advice: $20m-$50m Compliance:  Needs to have a strong compliance history. Billing Arrangements: Fee for service with monthly fees debited from the clients nominated account. Funding has been organised for any future business acquisition. Contact purchaser direct. Read more


Selling your business.


No commissions. A simple flat fee service. Monthly inclusion in this newsletter and online for 12 months (16 touches to our 9,000+ database over 12 months). No commissions. Want to get fast connections to cashed up buyers looking for your type of business NOW?

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10 Tips to prepare for a CRISIS by Wendy McWilliams.

Wendy McWilliams

A crisis within your organisation can take many forms and all should be considered as possibilities with a crisis communications plan developed for each scenario, whether you are B2C, B2B or NFP. It can happen anywhere at any time, online or offline, and you can be assured whether you are at fault or not, your reputation is on the line.

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Want to buy a business?


Receive advance notice of businesses for sale. Register with us to tell our readers about what you are looking for. Flat fee service for 12 months with 16 touches to our database of 9,000+, online placement at our website and connection to our vast LinkedIn network.

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How to sell insurance


Discover how to fill the gaping hole between “fluff” programs, PD day product flogs, conference fill-ins and mandated courses that concentrate on technical, historical, product and (yuk) compliance issues. Enough! You deserve better than that. At last a resource that puts the “How” into the “How To” for insurance sales.

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Qualified and strategically-minded financial professional

With experience in financial planning, financial management, accounting, accounts management and payroll seeks position in GEELONG. Strong customer focus with key expertise in understanding client need, building professional relationships with key stakeholders, and financial modelling.

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Reports from the
Life Insurance Consumer Group

Life Insurance Consumer Group

We are meeting with both politicians & Industry bodies to continue to seek fairness for Advisers and Consumers by pushing ahead with vital amendments to the Life Insurance Framework Legislation (LIF). Read more
FSC had secretly inserted into the LIF proposal a “carve-out” for the FSC’s members’ direct insurance businesses to be exempt from the LIF legislation. Read more
Trowbridge says “Advisors are in the way”. Advisers have become competitors to insurers with Group and Direct distribution. Read more

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