How to increase your incomeDiscover what the innovators are doing to boost their income with the suppression and phasing out of various traditional income streams. What will you replace traditional income streams with? MUST READ.

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Client Based Prospecting. Ignore it at your own peril!

Learn how to discover the opportunities for increased income capability in your data base by cross referencing concepts with services. MUST READ.

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Killer ways to interact and connect with your clients, customers and prospects.

Discovering what your clients want is the secret to improving your bottom line. We share this simple and easy to implement range of ideas that will add crackle and sparkle to your marketing and prospecting plans.

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DomaCom news


  1. Read the Lonsec review of DomaCom here
  2. Latest DomaCom newsletter here
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  4. PROPERTY observer “New smart ways to invest in agriculture: DomaCom Read more


AAMC: Five ways to teach your kids about money


Financial literacy must begin much earlier than when it’s time to put in that first tax return or choose your first superannuation fund and most certainly before you apply for a credit or meet with a financial planning professional for the first time. Jeff Mazzini and the team at AAMC share this informative and valuable topic. Thanks Jeff.

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New. Updated Checklist of dealer group services

Checklist of dealer group services

What type of services, support and initiatives are you looking for from a dealer group? Benchmark what you currently have against this comprehensive list.

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4 Critically Important Tips for selling SMSF properties before June 30 by Miriam Sandkuhler.

Property Mavens

With the forthcoming changes to SMSF legislation, a situation has been created where many SMSF trustees may choose or need to consider divesting of direct property owned by their SMSF. Given the nature of direct property being illiquid and the fact that all properties are not equal, there are important factors that your clients will need to consider and important steps to take leading up to any potential sale.

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What are your plans for the next 5 years?


What will you do in the next 5 years? Will you downsize, amalgamate, join a different dealer group, cash out or buy up? Tell us your thoughts here. Complete the survey and receive these two FREE reports.Important things to consider when selling your business” and “Checklist prior to selling your business

Spectrum: The AFSL that is adviser friendly


Are you looking for a real alternative that allows you to run your business your way? A national dealer group that is non-institutional or vertically integrated via product manufacturers wants professional advisers in all states NOW. Both risk advisers or financial planners are welcome. Generous engagement terms including PI and percentage splits with sensible compliance regime and broad APL. Practical induction course and real practice management, with sales and soft skills programs and marketing initiatives. Read more


VIC Accounting Practice for sale

Located in north east suburbs. WI/WO. Composed of PAYG, Professionals, Small Business Pty Ltd, Sole traders, Trusts, BAS, IAF, SMSF’s, Corporate returns and small financial planning component (with tremendous potential). T/O $600k+ .

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QLD Risk Business for sale

Tremendous risk based business. Trail $460K. 2 AR’s. WIWO or terms. 1,500 clients clustered around location.

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WIWO Gold Coast FP for sale

Owner operated. Can be transferred to your current AFSL.

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Businesses wanted NOW

Wanted Businesses

URGENT: Corporate super books wanted NOW. Read more

Is this your management succession plan? Talk with a modern, insurance oriented practice, who are looking to acquire risk books in NSW. Read more

New. Melbourne based business wanted. Client numbers: 100-200. Funds under Advice: $20m-$50m Compliance:  Needs to have a strong compliance history. Billing Arrangements: Fee for service with monthly fees debited from the clients nominated account. Funding has been organised for any future business acquisition. Contact purchaser direct. Read more

New. A well established Brisbane financial planning business located close to the city and looking to expand is seeking business acquisitions or books of business that cover risk, investment, Super and SMSF. Read more


Get introductions to buyers looking for businesses NOW.


Utilise our simple flat fee service with a monthly inclusion in this newsletter, in our special quarterly Buy/Sell connective, online for 12 months and on LinkedIn. Includes 16 touches to our 9,000+ database over 12 months. No commissions.

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Looking to buy a business or data base?


Receive advance notice of businesses and data bases for sale. Register with us to tell our readers about what YOU are looking for. Flat fee service spread over 12 months. 16 touches to our 9,000+ database. Online placement on our website and connection to our vast LinkedIn network of 1,000.

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