Want to Sell a Financial Planning Business?

The outline of your business you wish to sell is carried in our monthly newsletter called Knowledgemaster News.

We also carry this outline in our Buy/Sell newsletter (6 issues a year) to our data base.

Your promotion is also uploaded to our website for those who surf the net looking to buy and are not on our data base.

We have a registered number of willing purchasers we immediately circulate your business to once you have registered with us.

We provide you with a range of templates to help you build the description of what you are selling. We help you edit the content after receiving an initial draft

The Knowledgemaster data base is in excess of 9,000+ potential readers of your message.

The investment is $2,850 GST inc. Amounts are payable in advance and prior to inclusion in the promotion initiatives. We invoice you directly.

Your message is carried for 12 months under items 1, 2 and 3. This means at least 18 touches a year to our data base for you.

The KnowledgeMaster “Sell a Business” service is an introduction facility rather than the conventional business agency model that often only represents the vendor.

Potential purchasers and vendors facilitate and control the negotiating process at their own pace and requirements after electronic introduction by Knowledgemaster.

We do not accept commissions from either purchasers or vendors.

Your KnowledgeMaster team conduct regular marketing exercises to selected and defined parts of our extensive data base to attract and discover potential purchasers for you

KnowledgeMaster can give no guarantees of specific numbers of prospective buyers.

KnowledgeMaster does not undertake any validations of figures of conduct any form of due diligence. That is left for the introduced parties to employ their own means of verification.

There is no maximum or minimum number of referrals we connect you with over a 12 month period. Nor can we give any guarantees on contacts.

Call Jim Prigg on 03 5232 1500 for more details or register below

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We have written a useful guide for you – The Important Things to Consider when Selling Your Business – read all about them in this useful PDF before you decide to sell your business.

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