Want to Buy A Financial Planning Business?

The KnowledgeMaster organisation can help advisers looking to buy a business find the right business for sale. These can be of specific types such as fee for service, FUM, risk or a mixture of income producing streams.

Knowledgemaster provides a simple introduction facility between potential purchasers and vendors.

KnowledgeMaster helps you to build your own attractive article by providing you with some simple drafts describing what type of business you have. You may elect to use these drafts as a cut and paste option or not.

This covers such criteria as:

  • Geographic area
  • Type of business
  • Change over requirements
  • Multiples of income the purchaser is considering
  • Future obligations of the vendor required by the purchaser
  • Run-off responsibilities
  • Payment options
  • Time frames

Knowledgemaster provides a spellcheck and grammar check before posting your article as well as adding our logo and contact details.

The approved article is carried as a “click on” title in the monthly newsletter.

The following are your responsibility:

  • Due diligence
  • ASIC checks
  • Confirming any figures given by vendors
  • Non disclosure agreements
  • Valuations
  • Probity checks
  • Negotiations with vendors
  • Legal agreements

KnowledgeMaster does not receive any commissions or success fees from potential purchasers or intending vendors. We operate under a simple fee for introduction model.

KnowledgeMaster provides online registration facilities with a secure payment gateway for you to pay in advance.

KnowledgeMaster has the capacity to source a range of “sale of advice” businesses such as: financial planning practices, accounting practices, general insurance brokerages and mortgage broking practices.

Knowledgemaster finds potential businesses for sale through a range of connective and interactive sources. We cannot give any guarantees of numbers of businesses for sale on a regular basis due to market conditions and vendor scarcity or reluctance to sell.

Call Jim Prigg on 0408 520 453or email jim@knowledgemaster.com.au for more details or register below

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We have written a useful guide for you – The 16 Vital Questions you need to ask Vendors – read all about them in this useful PDF before you buy a business.

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