How can I access the content of Knowledgemaster® ?2016-12-08T20:57:55+10:00

Each title/report has a heading and description. Read about the content, then if you believe it can help you utilise the simple shopping trolley to load up and buy your choices


Why the KnowledgeMaster® website?2016-12-08T20:57:55+10:00

In an age of fawning to technical boffins, compliance tsars, and mandated government “fluff” courses this critically important skills library will help create effective relationships, partnerships and communities with your clients and prospects. KnowledgeMaster® will help to redress the imbalance between theoretical posturing and practical capability.

All the compliance, technical, product and bureaucratic requirements will not help business make one single dollar unless they know how to communicate, interact and sell themselves, their service offer and their ongoing value proposition.

Knowledgemaster is unashamedly designed to help people interact, sell, market and communicate with their business communities, clients and prospects.

It is for the people at the very fore-front of the sales and communications process who must service, advise and sell to survive. You must innovate and be persistent despite world economic conditions, government policy and bureaucracy and your competition’s activities.

Who develops, writes and approves the content for KnowledgeMaster®?2016-12-08T20:57:55+10:00

Jim Prigg has collected, developed, created and built this enormous array of practical material over 4 decades.

This content has stood the test of time. It has been catapulted into the 21st century to deliver positive, profitable and quick results for those that want answers now. Critically important areas such as: building rapport, telephone contact technique, handling objections, closing with class, presentation skills and prospecting tactics are shared.

What is KnowledgeMaster®?2016-12-08T20:57:55+10:00

KnowledgeMaster® is a fabulous bank of practical knowledge presented in easily absorbable, bite size learning chunks. Each item comes under a specific category. It is devised to help people in the areas of communication, interaction, selling, soft skills and business common sense.

It is not about compliance, technical detail, product knowledge or mandatory “learning”. It is what you need to know about practical skills, tactical techniques and strategic ideas required to help make your business run better, be more profitable and quickly educate and enrich your staff.