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Killer tips for presenting to large audiences


There is certainly an art in presenting successfully to large groups. Attention to simple some facts will enhance and enrich your presentation so that you achieve relevance, interaction and remembrance when you finish.

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Know your audience

What are […]

Killer tips for presenting to large audiences2016-12-08T20:57:34+11:00

17 Ways to improve your written presentations


There are presentations and presentations. Some are good. Some are woeful. Some are memorable. Attention to detail can alter the capacity to wow or put your audience into snooze mode.

    • How does your presentation style fit with your potential client?
    • How can you make your presentation memorable, inclusive and leading to a positive result?
    • What is the message […]
17 Ways to improve your written presentations2016-12-08T20:57:37+11:00