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How to handle objections


Learn how to handle the greatest enemies of the sales process; objections.

We share simple and adaptable scripts and priceless sayings that will help you address, defuse, answer, and welcome objections so they don’t slow down your sales success.

Find out when the NO runs out with prospects for your offer so you can get back into […]

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How to Develop a Referrals Based Business


Why Referrals? Most cost efficient and profitable source of business acquisition A far higher conversion ratio from prospect to client than any other source Less time is taken to access the prospect, advise on their options and write the new business Generally a higher rate of persistency and consistency of business written Gives a greater capacity to develop "nests" of business Business is generally more discreet and confidential Generally a better class of client is attracted People referred are generally more responsive to other services you can offer Delivers a consistency and regularity of supply of new names when systemised It's true. People would rather do business with people they know or know of than with strangers. There is nothing more reassuring than a positive endorsement from someone you know and trust, is there?

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