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Critical steps in dealing with adversarial situations


The current economic climate tests us all. In these volatile times it is wise to have a process in place to deal with difficult situations that may or can become adversarial.

The following is a set of engagement, meeting and discussion protocols that will be valuable in developing your own methods and procedures to deal with […]

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20 Simple ways to influence people


Managers can use a variety of ways to influence their people. Some need to be led, others need to be free, many just need to have confidence conferred upon them. These are some simple ways to build the confidence, trust and interactivity with staff, partners and even clients.

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How to say “NO” nicely


Guarding your time and conserving your energy – as well as staying on good terms with others means you have to learn to say NO nicely. No is part of negotiating for some people. Others accept it implicitly. No doesn’t have to be a final decision, but you have to learn how to use it […]

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