Handling Objections

/Handling Objections

How to handle objections


Learn how to handle the greatest enemies of the sales process; objections.

We share simple and adaptable scripts and priceless sayings that will help you address, defuse, answer, and welcome objections so they don’t slow down your sales success.

Find out when the NO runs out with prospects for your offer so you can get back into […]

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Learning how to “Shelve” objections


Discover how to handle objections using this effective technique of “Shelving”. It will deliver control of the interview back to you and establish willingness for the customer to hear you out, even with hardened “objectioners”.

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In the sales presentation […]

Learning how to “Shelve” objections2016-12-08T20:57:35+11:00

“Your price is too dear”


There are many ways to handle an honest objection on price. One effective technique is to break the price down to daily costs. Then compare it to common, even frivolous expenditures, saying something like “For $3.00 per day- less than the cost of a cappuccino – you’ll be doing something very positive for […]

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32 Resistance buster questions and statements


You can begin the closing process either using questions or making statements. It pays to put some thought into this part of the sales process. If you can ask the right questions or make the correct and supportive statements then people will agree to your offer. If you can ask for the business in a […]

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6 Tough ways to reduce the chance of deal destroying procrastination


Often people won’t make decisions about the offers you make. This slows your cash-flow down, blunts your enthusiasm and can put you in “push” mode rather than leading prospects to make decisions. Learn why people don’t make decisions and how you can move the sales process forward.

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6 Tough ways to reduce the chance of deal destroying procrastination2016-12-08T20:57:37+11:00