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Developing your elevator speech


Having an easy to understand description of what you do is an essential part of your offer and branding. An elevator speech is a simple, forceful and easily remembered statement about what you actually do for people.

What is an elevator speech?

Your “elevator statement” describes who you are, what you do and how you […]

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How to gain attention in your communications


A helpful discussion paper that will deliver a host of practical ideas that will get your communications read and acted on better and quicker to move the interaction process forward. This means you take back control of the sales process. Discover why people read and act on what interests them.

Purchase by adding to […]

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Building a community


Imagine you were building a support community for your client base. Imagine it was not based on products bought or fees paid, but on value for the time spent with them by you.

Imagine this community that you were building was not necessarily on the transactional dollars spent with you but on the value they placed […]

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