How can social media and cold calling complement each other?Is social media the 21st century answer to cold calling? Many would have us think that you simply get involved in social media connective facilities and hey presto, cold calling becomes a thing of the past. But what is really happening? There is no doubt that the usage of social media can have a tremendous and powerful impression on potential connectivity with potential B2B clients.

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How to improve client interaction skills

Financial product manufacturers have done their job well. They have been successful in helping planners how to dispense product information. But product information alone will not benefit the client. It is linking the client’s emotions to the product benefits that will help sell the concept or product. Discover what will make prospects want to buy your offer.

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Join the DomaCom crowdfunding
campaign to
“Buy the Block”


Don’t be a spectator, be a participant. You might not be a millionaire, but you can invest in The “Block”. Join DomaCom’s crowdfunding campaign and own a slice of one or more of The Block apartments when they go to auction in November. Investors will be invited to a special open day inspection event to view the apartment of your choice and meet the contestants. Investors contributing $10,000 or more to the crowdfunding will be invited to a special cocktail party hosted by RT Edgar.

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Discover how David Heycock used the DomaCom model to help his clients invest in property

Scott Banks

Discover how David was able to help 8 of his clients invest in prime-value, high end property in one of Melbourne’s top suburbs without having to buy the whole building. Would that facility be of value to you and your clients?

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Checklist of dealer group services

Checklist of dealer group services

What type of services, support and initiatives are you looking for from a dealer group? Benchmark what you currently have against this comprehensive list. Tell us, did we miss anything?

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MoneySoft. A new way to increase your income from your client base.


Advisers need a fresh mindset and the right technology if they want to deliver a relevant, profitable and sustainable proposition to new client segments including millennial entrepreneurs, single women and up-and-comers.

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How to manage the “absent listener” by Sandra Baigel

Voice & Word

Sandra Baigel is a voice technique coach who works with sales people on how to use their voices to influence their success in sales environments. This month she throws the spotlight on how to manage ‘the absent listener’ during meetings… and beyond them.

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Experiential provides a deeper connection by Wendy McWilliams.

Wendy McWilliams

The purpose of experiential is to connect consumers and brands in a way that is memorable and playful. It’s also about seeking physical and emotional participation and engagement from your prospective customer.

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If you could be guaranteed to deliver an e-mail to a prospect, would that be of value? Asks Christian Fletcher-Walker of Handcrafted Data

Handcrafted Data

The purpose of experiential is to connect consumers and brands in a way that is memorable and playful. It’s also about seeking physical and emotional participation and engagement from your prospective customer.

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Wisdom: “The indispensable man”

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St Kilda Rd office requires person to manage referrals system with clients.

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Discover how Centurion can help you capitalise your business.


When benchmarked against the average family home, a financial planning business is a valuable asset. Yet most practice owners do not prepare well when it is time to sell this valuable asset. Poor preparation, lack of knowledge and lack of experience in selling an intangible asset often equates to poor results at the time of sale compared to the alternative.

Centurion has put together this eBook on practice valuations and the “6 Step Selling Process” to help practice owners maximise sale value and minimise transaction risk at the time of sale. This eBook, and the webinars we run, will provide any practice owner the knowledge and insights required to optimise outcomes when selling a financial planning business – an area most owners will have limited experience.

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Spectrum: The AFSL that is adviser friendly


Are you looking for a real alternative that allows you to run your business your way? A national dealer group that is non-institutional or vertically integrated via product manufacturers wants professional advisers in all states NOW. Both risk advisers or financial planners are welcome. Generous engagement terms including PI and percentage splits with sensible compliance regime and broad APL. Practical induction course and real practice management, with sales and soft skills programs and marketing initiatives. Read more


How can the Lifespan dealer group help YOU?


Since its inception in 1994 our business has remained privately owned. With the absence of institutional owners the Lifespan approach continues to empower advisers with the flexibility to choose. Call Alan McTighe today on 0409 969 472. Ready purchasers for Accountancy practices. Wanted to buy NOW. Read more


How to build a referrals based business

Discover how to build your own referrals based business with this practical manual at only $49.50 GST inc. Create your own cash economy whatever the economic climate is. All here: the scripts, the marketing tips, checklists, surveys, visuals and networking techniques all in the one place at last.

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QLD Risk Business for sale

Tremendous risk based business. Trail $460K. 2 AR’s. WIWO or terms. 1,500 clients clustered around location.

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WIWO Gold Coast FP for sale

Owner operated. Can be transferred to your current AFSL.

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Client base for sale at the Chaucer Group. Ideal start-up.

Chaucer Groups

Discover this opportunity for business acquisition. Register for sale now. We invite advisers wishing to join us at the Chaucer Group to have a look at this register not only to generate a tidy passive income, but for future business opportunities.

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Businesses wanted NOW

Wanted Businesses

A privately owned dealer group with over a decade of experience is looking to grow their business by acquisition. They have offices in both Melbourne and Sydney with 8 full time advisers.Read more

URGENT: Corporate super books wanted NOW. Read more

Is this your management succession plan? Talk with a modern, insurance oriented practice, who are looking to acquire risk books in NSW. Read more

New. Melbourne based business wanted. Client numbers: 100-200. Funds under Advice: $20m-$50m Compliance:  Needs to have a strong compliance history. Billing Arrangements: Fee for service with monthly fees debited from the clients nominated account. Funding has been organised for any future business acquisition. Contact purchaser direct. Read more

New. A well established Brisbane financial planning business located close to the city and looking to expand is seeking business acquisitions or books of business that cover risk, investment, Super and SMSF. Read more


Wanting to sell or capitalise part of your business?


A simple flat fee service. Monthly inclusion in this newsletter and online for 12 months (16 touches to our 9,000+ database over 12 months) plus a promotion on LinkedIn. No commissions. Want to get fast connections to cashed up buyers looking for your type of business NOW with assured confidentiality?

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Looking to buy a business?


Receive advance notice of businesses for sale. Register with us to tell our readers about what you are looking for. Flat fee service for 12 months. 16 touches to our database of 9,000+. Online placement on our website. Connect to our vast LinkedIn network.

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