Attracting buyers to improve your sales resultsBeing the owner of a business involved in “the sale of advice”, you will be involved in giving both proactive and reactive advice. You can’t control or influence the markets. But you can certain control and influence your clients with the amount of information, the frequency you deliver that information and the quality of it as perceived by your clients for your services.

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Six ripper tips on how to be confident when presenting live

Presenting your offers, ideas, concepts and pitches is part of your everyday life. When faced with the opportunity to present in person, how do you feel? How do you interact with your customers at presentation time? There is a range of things to consider about presentations skills. Skill sets such as voice control, pitch and delivery speed, eye contact, personal confidence, hand and body expressions and of course friendliness. All these attributes need to be considered to ensure your success in presenting.

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Danny Maher from Sentry shares, "5 Ways to improve your financial services business"

Principals of advisory businesses today need to spend more time working on their business than ever before. Recent distractions such as legislative changes, the Royal Commission and the fall in market confidence have hit the bottom line of many businesses causing financial stress which in some cases has caused exits from the industry.

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John Catibog’s NEW book. HACKED! How to stay protected against cyber attack!

HACKED! How to stay protected against cyber attack!

Did you know that 60% of businesses close down within 6 months of a data breach incident? In today’s digital world, everyone is connected. Technology has changed the way we do business for good. But it has also brought new dangers not faced by businesses of the past. In this free e-book you’ll learn:

  • How the new Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) scheme affects you
  • What does a cyber policy cover
  • Most common cyber threats and attackers
  • The impact of a cyber breach to you business
  • How to protect your business online

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Want to leave the industry, but need someone to give TLC to your clients?

Then this friendly, professional operator and opportunity will interest you.

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Improve your online client engagement and bottom line … without breaking the bank at Auscomp.


A simple Website Health Check can make the world of difference by identifying areas for improvement. Acting on the report recommendations can lead to dramatic improvements in client engagement and retention. Guenther and his team at built their first website and secure servers in 1994. Not even the banks offered any internet services back then … so they really know their stuff!

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DomaCom Crowdfunds First Mortgage backed loan


DomaCom Australia announced that the crowdfunding campaign to fund a mortgage backed loan has been successfully completed. Newcastle based financial advice firm Shartru Wealth Management has used the DomaCom platform to acquire a $1.6 Million residential property in Melbourne using both debt and equity. A crowdfunding campaign was completed to raise approximately $682K for the equity component & another campaign was completed to raise the remaining $948K debt.

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Peter Johnson of the AIOFP on Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Great Southern Plantation investors


Peter shares the latest information on a legal decision that could have far reaching implications for those involved. You are invited to make submissions to the Royal Commission into banking by reading the document.

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Looking for a professional?

I am a qualified, diligent and experienced financial planning and management professional with comprehensive experience in para planning, financial planning, management, compliance and business administration. I have worked with small and large businesses to achieve optimal results for businesses. I have solid accounting, management and administration skills and have hired, trained, supervised and coached Financial Advisers, Para Planners and support staff.

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AFSL’s wanting to partner with professional advisers

Opportunities across the nation and across the street. Check out these locations. Are any of them of interest to you?

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New Keen non-aligned AFSL looking to acquire books of risk business

Interested in NSW and QLD businesses. Will pay up to 3.4 times for the right business. Finance in place. Ready to act NOW.

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Brisbane FP for sale or buy-in

A well established financial planning practise in Brisbane is looking for a business partnership buy-in or an outright purchase. The business income is derived from 60% risk and 40% fee for service. Asking price, circa $2.5m.

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The Chaucer AFSL is looking for advisers


Small, close knit AFSL is looking for advisers in Sydney.

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VIC Accounting Practice for sale

Located in north east suburbs Melbourne. WI/WO. Composed of PAYG, Professionals, Small Business Pty Ltd, Sole traders, Trusts, BAS, IAF, SMSF’s, Corporate returns and small financial planning component (with tremendous potential). T/O $700k+.

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Risk Business for sale Sydney North

The make-up of the business is PAYG clients, professionals, mums and dads and small business. The income from risk each year is $52K and from Super is $20K.

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Businesses wanted NOW

We have willing cashed up buyers, ready to make YOU an offer NOW.

Wanted Businesses

  • Eager buyer of risk, financial planning and mortgage books. Acquisitions across the country with no restrictions on location wanted NOW. Investment up to $300,000. Willing to talk attractive terms for purchases with an upfront investment, reasonable handover protocols and standard run-off provisions.
  • Is this your management succession plan? Talk with a modern, insurance oriented practice, who are looking to acquire risk books in NSW. Read more
  • A well established Brisbane financial planning business located close to the city and looking to expand is seeking business acquisitions or books of business that cover risk, investment, super and SMSF. Read more
  • Sydney based group looking to acquire FP businesses NOW. They are looking for purchases with a recurring income of $300,000+. Both risk and funds under management are of interest to them. They are negotiable on terms depending on the quality of the book. Read more


Non-aligned AFSL looking to acquire FUM

A leading multidisciplinary financial services firm with several offices in NSW & ACT is actively looking to acquire funds management businesses with up to $150 million under management.

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Risk business wanted

Leading multi functional financial planning firm are looking to invest reasonable amounts of money for a suitable acquisition(s) with in-force premium totals between $750K and $2M. This is an ideal opportunity for someone looking to retire or ease back their activity to sell to an experienced person in the insurance industry.

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Professional risk practice looking to acquire books in all capital cities (except Perth) and rural NSW

Up to $800K T/O. Ready to acquire NOW. Finance in place.

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Wanted: Sales Pro. Is this you?

A Victorian planning practice with an extensive data base requires a business acquisition expert. Prime leads from the data base need to be contacted on a range of services that lead to product placement. Owner would consider JV with the right person. For more information and an introduction contact Jim Prigg on 0408 520453 or


Forward thinking SA financial planning practice looking to form JV’s with accounting firms

This is an ideal arrangement for accounting firms facing margin pressures and unable to invest in staffing resources in building up new revenue streams.

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Data base for hire

Knowledgemaster International has a community of 10,000+. Utilise our facility to broadcast your messages to a nationwide audience. This consists of financial planners, accountants, mortgage brokers, small businesses, product manufacturers and management personnel of AFSL’s. Across the street or across the nation KMI is connected to your audience. Why not call us to discuss how this valuable connection asset can help you for your branding, recruitment, business acquisitions and promotions? Jim Prigg. 0408 520453 or

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