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Jim PriggOwner and Director

What is KnowledgeMaster

Knowledgemaster is an online, i-compatible resource (view on any device) that covers practical communications, interaction, sales and soft skills in bite size chunks for easy application.

Each report/title deals with a very specific part of the communications and sales process. For example: How to handle the objection “Your price is too dear” or “12 Ways how to improve your presentation skills”.

The content is accessible, downloadable with a synopsis (brief explanation) of each title or report.

The content is a valuable resource for micro business, small business, corporate applications, training officers and middle management

Your Advantages with KnowledgeMaster®

Bite sized chunks for easy learning and understanding

The content is practical with no vague academic posturing

Articles across many business categories

Useful material can be quickly put into use in your organisation

Each article is easy to read with bullet points for quick learning

Content that goes beyond the coverage of mandated courses

Who can Knowledgemaster® Help?

  • People in their own business
  • Those who have been academically trained but lack practical experience
  • Busy people who are multi-tasking responsibilities
  • Organisations with a limited or low training budget
  • Forward thinking executives wanting to access and retain the timeless knowledge for the next generation of managers and sales people
  • Professionals wishing to distribute this knowledge to their client bases
  • Time poor management personnel
  • Training Managers and Sales Managers

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