9 positioning strategies for those involved in the "sale of adviceWith the challenges and changes that are presently happening in the sale of advice profession now is a good time to analyse your positioning strategy.

  • How do you position yourself in a competitive and changing market?
  • What positioning technique(s) will you use to identify your offer(s) to potential clients?
  • How will potential clients be drawn to you with positioning in advertising, marketing and their perceptions of how they see you?

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Marketing: Trigger events lead generation

Increase the value of your database with trigger events that you know have chance to lead to a discussion about your business. An important part of your business is about how the value of the product of insurance can help people protect what they have or what they may acquire, build, develop or inherit. Trigger events happen to the population and your data base all the time. They become extremely valuable to you when you learn to cross reference them.

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Things not to do when handling objections

Handling objections can be frustrating, annoying and sap your energy. Or an objection can be the opening you have been looking for to enhance your position in the sales process. When objections occur take a deep breath, welcome the opportunity to rewind and take up the challenge to clarify what is holding up the chance for you to provide your solution for the problem the customer has. Objections are part of your patch. They are not necessarily the end of the discussion (unless you let them be).

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Small SA Data bases for sale

18K of Risk. Plus various providers, small revenue bases. Ideal to add to current client lists with same provider.

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Finance for data base & business acquisition.
Ask Joshua McKay

JCM Finance

One of the many challenges advisers encounter throughout both the acquisition process and on-going business needs of an advice business is how to best structure and fund the business. Many financial institutions have specific policy guidelines which can determine the amount of funding that they are willing to provide based on the inherent value of the business coupled with its financial performance. How can you go about getting the right advice on how best to present a proposed transaction to a financier?

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How to get your business “Sale Ready”. Ask Graeme Molloy


Buyers demand exact figures, breakdown of client types, geographic spread details, product manufacturer designation, ages of clients, monthly commission figures and lots more. Graeme Molloy at AdData has a system that is simple, easy to administer, efficient and cost effective. He can help you get your business sale ready now.

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Risk Specialists please take note. This is a model of the future that may appeal to you, offered by AFRM


LIF is upon us. As of 1/1/2018 it is LAW. How have you prepared for this? There are many good risk advisers, just like you, that will need more support, stability and security moving into the “new world order” called the Life Insurance Framework”. ASIC has never been so active in your industry and ministerial overview never more intense. Cash flow constraints, compliance and education are going to reshape business and potentially squeeze out the traditional Micro Businesses of the Life Industry.

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The Chaucer AFSL is looking for advisers


Small, close knit AFSL is looking for advisers in Sydney.

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Experienced Career Changer Looking to enter the Financial Services Industry

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Marketing your financial planning business by Warren Gibson

Before the advent of the internet and social media, advisers largely wanted to deal with people with a lump sum or those for whom a lump sum was imminent. Wealth accumulators, whilst important, were not nearly as valuable as retirees or those with current assets as business was based on commission and product sales were the predominant revenue source for advisers. Planning for future clients and growth was not such a priority and marketing in general not widely understood or even considered as important to running a financial advice practice.

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Brisbane FP for sale or buy-in

A well established financial planning practise in Brisbane is looking for a business partnership buy-in or an outright purchase. The business income is derived from 60% risk and 40% fee for service. Asking price, circa $2.5m.

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Step into a ready-made operational business on the Gold Coast

The vendor is offering the opportunity to acquire a complete holistic financial services business. They have created a truly ‘one stop money shop’ delivering a complete range of financial services that can be serviced from a convenient location on the Southern Gold Coast. Read more for pricing arrangements.

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Businesses wanted NOW

We have willing cashed up buyers, ready to make YOU an offer NOW.

Wanted Businesses

  • Eager buyer of risk, financial planning and mortgage books. Acquisitions across the country with no restrictions on location wanted NOW. Investment up to $300,000. Willing to talk attractive terms for purchases with an upfront investment, reasonable handover protocols and standard run-off provisions.
  • Is this your management succession plan? Talk with a modern, insurance oriented practice, who are looking to acquire risk books in NSW. Read more
  • A well established Brisbane financial planning business located close to the city and looking to expand is seeking business acquisitions or books of business that cover risk, investment, super and SMSF. Read more
  • Sydney based group looking to acquire FP businesses NOW. They are looking for purchases with a recurring income of $300,000+. Both risk and funds under management are of interest to them. They are negotiable on terms depending on the quality of the book. Read more


Non-aligned AFSL looking to acquire FUM

A leading multidisciplinary financial services firm with several offices in NSW & ACT is actively looking to acquire funds management businesses with up to $150 million under management.

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Risk business wanted

Leading multi functional financial planning firm are looking to invest reasonable amounts of money for a suitable acquisition(s) with in-force premium totals between $750K and $2M. This is an ideal opportunity for someone looking to retire or ease back their activity to sell to an experienced person in the insurance industry.

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Accomplished professional looking for options to buy-in

Looking for an exit solution? This professional is looking to collaborate with you to buy in over a reasonable time frame. Melbourne based eastern suburbs.

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Melbourne: Exciting opportunity for a keen financial planner

We are an enthusiastic young team passionate about providing quality financial advice. We pride ourselves on continuous improvement and utilize technology in all aspects of our business.

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DomaCom launches the Next Generation Farmer Strategy


Fractional investment manager, DomaCom, recently launched the Next Generation Farmer Strategy. The idea is for investors to contribute towards acquiring farming properties via crowdfunding campaigns from retiring farmers to enable the next generation of farmers to become tenants on the land to develop their own farming enterprise.

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Living Your Life with Purpose by Garry Prigg

Living your life with purpose

This is an exclusive offer for all Knowledgemaster members of this unique life changing 70-page e-Book, Living Your Life with Purpose NOW written by Garry Prigg. Discover how to create, plan and then live your life as the ‘master of your own destiny’. Simply click here to download your FREE e-Book. This is a saving of $49.50.

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