15 ways to boost your cash-flowWith traditional income sources being squeezed, discover some very simple and easy to implement ways to boost your income from your existing client base.

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New. Unique Business partnership opportunity. Risk and Fee for Service

A well established financial planning practise in Brisbane and the Gold Coast is looking for a 50/50 business partnership or an outright purchase. The business income is derived from 60% risk and 40% fee for service with an annual turnover of $1.33 M.

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Twelve reasons to talk to your clients and prospects before the end of the tax year

There is probably no better time to revisit clients/prospects to ramp up activity than right now prior to the end of the tax year. People have been conditioned to make decisions at this time of the year, because the window of opportunity closes with finality on that date! This means they will act if the benefits are identifiable and attainable NOW.

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How to build a relationship by telling people what you do and how it HELPS them.

There is probably no better time to revisit clients/prospects to ramp up activity than right now prior to the end of the tax year. People have been conditioned to make decisions at this time of the year, because the window of opportunity closes with finality on that date! This means they will act if the benefits are identifiable and attainable NOW.

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DomaCom: Unlocking value for retirement income

In this article, DomaCom examines the property trends and their impact on retirees, now and in the future, and examines potential avenues to bring this asset into scope for the development of a new retirement income source, and potential business for financial planners. For many retirees, the family home represents their primary source of personal wealth. For most, paying off the mortgage has been more important than making additional contributions to superannuation, creating the ‘asset rich, cash poor’ generation. This will likely be followed by a generation of retirees who are still paying the mortgage or, in some cases, paying rent. Read more

DomaCom: The global phenomenon of equity crowd funding

There are many ways to describe crowdfunding, but the one I like best is “investor democracy”. In whatever form a crowdfunding project takes, it presents opportunities for people who like an idea but have limited capital to participate. On the other side of the ledger, it offers fresh avenues to capital for those wanting to raise money. And although it’s a very old concept it’s been given a new lease on life, modernised and channelled globally by the internet, and it’s growing exponentially. Read more


New. Checklist of dealer group services

Checklist of dealer group services

What type of services, support and initiatives are you looking for from a dealer group? Benchmark what you currently have against this comprehensive list. Ask your current AFSL if they can provide more or new services.

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Discover how the
Firm of the Future™

can boost your income.

Firm of the Future™

Firm of the Future™ is a services program for Accountants and Financial Planners provided by First Mutual Australia. It combines modern client engagement training, effective practice management and easy to implement services support. That enables advisers to generate greater revenue through enhancing how they engage with clients, identify and then delivering a much broader range of services that clients want, need and expect from their advisers.

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Firm of the Future™ Presents “Year End Strategies for Accountants and Planners.”

Firm of the Future™

Options to manage your clients’ affairs before the new Superannuation Cap restrictions commence 1 July 2017. Alternative assets – investments and tax benefits.

When: Tuesday 30 May 8.30am – 11.30am.
Where: Madgwicks Lawyers.
Level 6, 140 William Street Melbourne

This event is brought to you by First Mutual Australia as part of its Firm of the Future™ services.  It is complementary for all Knowledgemaster News recipients.

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Mentor Education survey results

Mentor Education

Amazing data on where the sale of advice is heading. Great reading to help your future planning.


Want to get up to speed on how to sell more insurance quicker?

Then join our online community today to receive your exclusive monthly feed on how to sell insurance at the Insurance Sales Academy from Knowledgemaster (ISAK).

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Keen buyer for Risk Businesses

Buyer of FP practices: Multiples in the range of 3.0 to 4.5 times will be considered for the right business from this eager purchaser. Read more.


VIC Accounting Practice for sale

Located in north east suburbs. WI/WO. Composed of PAYG, Professionals, Small Business Pty Ltd, Sole traders, Trusts, BAS, IAF, SMSF’s, Corporate returns and small financial planning component (with tremendous potential). T/O $600k+.

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QLD Risk Business for sale

Tremendous risk based business. Trail $460K. 2 AR’s. WIWO or terms. 1,500 clients clustered around location.

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WIWO Gold Coast FP for sale

Owner operated. Can be transferred to your current AFSL.

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Albury Adviser looking to acquire risk, financial planning and mortgage books.

They are looking at acquisitions across the country with no restrictions on location. They are looking at making an investment of up to $300,000 and willing to talk attractive terms for the purchase with an upfront investment, reasonable handover protocols and standard run-off provisions.

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New. AdData How to get your business “Sale Ready”


Buyers demand exact figures, breakdown of client types, geographic spread details, product manufacturer designation, ages of clients, monthly commission figures and lots more. Graeme Molloy at AdData has a system that is simple and easy to administer, efficient and cost effective. Graeme Molloy can help you.

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Businesses wanted NOW

Wanted Businesses

URGENT: Corporate super books wanted NOW. Read more

Is this your management succession plan? Talk with a modern, insurance oriented practice, who are looking to acquire risk books in NSW. Read more

New. Melbourne based business wanted. Client numbers: 100-200. Funds under Advice: $20m-$50m Compliance:  Needs to have a strong compliance history. Billing Arrangements: Fee for service with monthly fees debited from the clients nominated account. Funding has been organised for any future business acquisition. Contact purchaser direct. Read more

New. A well established Brisbane financial planning business located close to the city and looking to expand is seeking business acquisitions or books of business that cover risk, investment, Super and SMSF. Read more


What are your plans for the next 5 years?


Will you downsize, amalgamate, join a different dealer group, cash out or buy up big time? Please tell us your thoughts here. Complete the survey and receive the FREE report.Important things to consider when selling your business“.


Is this your new home?

We have AFSL’s looking for advisers to join them. Does this description fit you? What about these locations where opportunities exist?

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Offer ancillary services to your clients or data base.


These can be such income earning connections as self help courses, business improvements courses or better business tips from reliable suppliers. Offer them to your constituency. Check out this opportunity from International Business Consultants. Download your FREE 44 Business Review Checklist items here.

Which of these programs would help your clients?

Australian Financial ManagementAustralian Business Management
Australian Strategic Business ManagementAustralian Customer Service



Please let me know if there are any topics about sales & soft skills, marketing and communications you’d like covered. List here. Please tick. Just want to make sure what I’m creating for you is valuable and useful…thanks! Jim

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